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Teeth Whitening

In most social or business situations, first impressions are extremely important. A beautiful smile with straight, white teeth makes a great contribution to both your appearance and confidence.

The whiteness of your teeth can be improved in several ways. Most drug stores offer whitening strips or conventional (gel) bleaching trays, which are the easiest ways to whiten your teeth. Unfortunately, because they are not specifically customized for your teeth they may cause uneven whitening with occasional discoloured spots. For improved results with whitening at home, a consultation with your dentist can identify the specific reasons for any discolouration of your teeth and can specify the most appropriate type of bleaching treatment for your needs.

If the discolouration is normal (not related to a congenital disease or use of tetracycline or fluorosis) the simplest and most cost effective method is to have a custom tray precisely fitted to your teeth for use with bleaching gel at home. This solution ensures total coverage and very even whitening. The disadvantages of home bleaching are the time commitment (the trays must be worn for rather long periods of time daily for up to two weeks) and a severe sensitivity to cold for some time post treatment.

An alternative to home bleaching is bleaching performed in a dental office. This generally requires only one or two office sessions and involves the application of a custom gel directly on the discoloured teeth. In addition, lasers or other bleaching lights may also be used. The use of laser for bleaching reduces the time required for treatment and greatly minimizes post treatment sensitivity.

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