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Teeth Cleaning

Although we brush and floss our teeth everyday, we still need to have a cleaning.  The minerals come from saliva and build up around our teeth little by little, It is impossible to remove this buildup with only brushing.  This buildup (calculus) around our teeth is a mixture of minerals and bacterial plaque. Existing bacteria around our gums can create gum disease and tooth decay.  Also, our bodies defense makes our gums recess against calculus which results in more root exposure and more cavities.

In addition to those important factors, regular recalls with our dentist help us to detect small cavities and stop their progress.  Scientifically, it is better to have regular checkups every 6 months but some times we have to change it based on the condition of your teeth, your gums and your oral hygiene.  Ask your hygienist to set your next cleaning appointment at the time you really need it.


Our team is ready to answer all your questions about the recall and cleaning process. Get in touch with our team and make an appointment for your teeth cleaning today!

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