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Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been used in dentistry since 1994 and can be used for a variety of dental procedures.  Laser is a type of light which is absorbed by body tissue.  It depends on the wavelength, wattage and time of using, they have different usages in dentistry.

Tooth Decay:  Laser is used to remove decay within a tooth, with no need to freeze, no drilling vibration and no hyper sensitivity after filling.

Gum Disease:  Different types of laser are used for this purpose, they vary from:

Conservative periodontal treatments without any aggressive surgery to have regeneration of soft and hard tissue.

To server gum surgeries which can be done by laser with less post-operative bleeding and discomfort.

In addition, a lot of cosmetic gum surgery and depigmentation can be done by laser.

Tooth whitening: Laser can be used to speed up in office teeth whitening procedures and helps to reduce patients post whitening sensitivity.

Cold sore: Laser is a wonderful way to treat cold sores, specifically in the first day of the cold sore period.  It can also reduce the cold sore incidence in patients susceptible to them.

TMJ:  Laser is very helpful to reduce TMJ pain and disorder.

Desensitizing: Laser has an amazing function on sensitive teeth.  But as we know tooth sensitivity comes with different factors.  All types of treatment such as laser work as long as you keep your teeth away from bacterial plaque.

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